Gold Medallion Recipients

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The Gold Medallion is the Association’s recognition of those few select men who continue to be active supporters through various activities such as those listed below. This list is representative of some activities that may qualify the individual for the award.

  1. Nominee must be a member of the Association.
  2. Nominator must be a member of the Association and a Gold Medallion recipient.
  3. Meet the criteria for the Bronze and Silver Medallions.
  1. Continue to support of armor and cavalry after leaving service. The example list follows.
    • Professional writing in branch journals or other professionally oriented publications.
    • Professional speaking in support of armor and cavalry.
    • Serving as Honorary Colonel or CSM of a regiment.
    • Actively serving in the Association as an officer or board member.
  1. Annually, Gold Medallion recipients nominate two nominees.  Nominees who receive the greatest number of votes are invited into the Gold Order of the Order of Saint George.
  1. The Association presents the Gold award at the annual St George Ball /Armor Ball held during Armor Week the first week of every May.


COL Jimmy Leach
GEN James Polk
LTG Robert Baer
MG Ernest Harmon

GEN Donn Starry
MG Lawrence E. Schlanser

COL Hap Haszard
ISG Patrick J. Rocco
Gen Bruce C. Clarke

LTG William R. Desobry
LTG Julius W Becton, Jr

Gen Glenn K. Otis
BG Philip L Bolte

GEN Michael S. Davison
MG George S. Patton

CSM Donald E. Horn
Col William Marshall

COL Jim Spurrier

LTC Burton S Boudinot
BG Albin F Irzyk

MG Edward Bautz, Jr
Col Fred Greene
MG Elmer L. Stephens

MG Ronald J Fairfield
MG Robert J Sunell

MG Thomas H Tait
Richard P Hunnicut
LTG Walter F Ulmer, Jr

LTG Frederic J Brown
MG Stan Sheridan
CSM John Stephens

MG Peter McVey
Dr. Lewis Sorley
COL Donald W Williams

BG John C Bahnsen
MG James C Smith
LTG John J. Yeosock

LTG Paul E. Funk
George F Hofmann
Mr Jack Eubanks (NPA)

CSM Don Devine
GEN Gordon R Sullivan
Mr Forrest C. Herbert (NPA)

LTG John W Woodmansee, Jr
LTG Dave R Palmer

COL Donald E Appler
LTG David K Doyle

GEN Crosbie E. Saint

MG Thomas P. Lynch
MG George H Harmeyer

SGM Christopher N Trammell
MG Thomas F Cole

SMA Jack Tilley
MAJ Jerry Headley

LTG Larry R Jordan
CSM Jake Fryer

LTC Michael M Turner
LTG John B Sylvester
GEN John H Tilelli
GEN Ronald Houston Griffith
Col (CH) Larry Haworth (NPA)

Col William Hansen
CSM Joe Gainey

LTC William Bewley
BG John Sherman Crow

CSM Carl Christian
COL James Glenn Snodgrass

Mrs. Joanne Patton (NPA)
Col Bob Westholm
Col Phillip Linn

Mr. Jody Harmon (NPA)
MG Leroy (ROB) Goff
CSM Dennis Webster

SMA Kenneth Preston
Gen Frederick Franks

SGM Don Wicks
Col Al Mosher

CSM Otis Smith
Col David Cowan

Allen Hathaway (NPA)
CSM Ricky Young
LTG John Caldwell
2019 CSM Joe T. Hill

SGM Carl R. Johnson

Mr. Christopher J. Golden (GNPA)

Gold Medallion Recipients Wall of Fame