Knighting Ceremony Script (Proposed)

Narrator: Would all soldiers who have previously been awarded the Order of Saint George please come forward. (All holders of the Order of Saint George form a semicircle behind the presenter)

Narrator: This warrior has been called forward to receive Knighthood in the Honorable Order of Saint George Black/Bronze/Silver Medallion. ST George was born about 280 AD in the region of Greece known as Cappadocia, where he was known as the "Nestor of Cappadocia" and was a member of the Roman Emperor's mounted guard. In 303 AD, the Emperor issued a decree to destroy all Christian churches and sacred writings while outlawing the Christian faith. The Nestor, a recent convert to the faith, tore down the written order and stood against the Emperor. For his act of bravery and defiance, he was imprisoned, tortured, and finally executed. After word of his sacrifice spread, early Christians changed the Nestor's name to ST George, a saint that would symbolize bravery, dedication to faith and decency.

Later in the 12th Century, more than 1000 years after his execution, the citizens of a small Italian village claimed to have seen him appear suddenly out of the mist to slay a fierce dragon that had been tormenting them. This heroic image of ST George defeating the dragon symbolizes the gallantry and righteous bravery of mounted warriors and the ultimate victory of good over evil. Throughout history, warriors of many nations have related accounts of ST George appearing on battlefields to help the righteous achieve victory. ST George is unique among all of the saints in that he is the only one portrayed as fighting mounted. His name has been linked to famous battles, military orders, and cavalry forces around the world. In fact, to this day, the red cross of ST George is the main element of the National Colors of Great Britain, the Union Jack. In 1986, the United States Cavalry & Armor Association established the Honorable Order of ST George to recognize the very best tankers and cavalrymen among its members.

Narrator: To all here present, know ye that ________________ having been recognized for long and honorable service to Armor and Cavalry is hereby admitted as a Distinguished Knight in the Order of ST George Black/Bronze/Silver Medallion.

Narrator: ___________________, please kneel and receive your knighthood. (Awardee kneels on his left knee facing the presenter. Once the awardee is in position the presenter places the ribbon around his neck and then touches each shoulder with the tip of the saber and recites the following:

Presenter: ________________ , I do hereby knight thee into the Honorable Order of St.  George Black/Bronze/Silver Order. Arise knight and be recognized.

Narrator: This concludes the ceremony.